The Heart of a Motivational Speaker

What does it take to become a successful motivational speaker?

Many would say that it is experience, one’s know-how and command of a particular topic. After all, who would listen to someone who hasn’t practiced what he’s preaching, right? The best role models are those who are or once were immersed in the field that they discuss. Financial gurus are expected to, at the bare minimum, have their own finances in order.  Social media expert should know the basics of what’s trending online and how to capitalize on it.

It is through a speaker’s experience that he is able to practice theories learned, gain expertise through coping mechanisms to difficult situations and make realizations that are pivotal for his audience. Not only does he earn his credibility—because he does know what he imparts, but he’s also able to build a realistic depth, making his trainings more diverse, fun and life-changing.

Motivational SpeakerStill, some people say that a motivational speaker is defined by his ability to be relatable, how he can make his story and his message, every man’s story. As much as people flock seminars for what he has to say, the audience has to go home and marinate on what he said, ask themselves how this changes their lives. The goal of every good speaker is to make that realization easier but also more memorable for each client, no matter what walk of life he hails from.

More people now appreciate a relatable, if not upbeat speaker, because, not only does he motivate them, he also does it while they’re enjoying. If anyone was made to choose between a funny, energized speaker and a flat, fact-focused one, most are likely to lean towards the former. A speaker and his audience should be matched, and often, because there is not really a science for it, much focus is given to the content rather that how the speaker’s vibe would affect it.It’s important to consider not just the message, which is what the every expert can offer you, but also the process of delivery because that can spell the difference between a highly motivated team versus one which only knows what to do.

what is expertise and reliability if a motivational speaker can’t inspire you to action? Was he truly successful in delivering the message?

The reason why there’s a huge demand for motivational speakers is because companies or individuals have goals, ones which they know would be best achieved through the coaching of experts.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the speaker to make his audience attached to goals and determined to achieve it through his encouragement.What some people often miss when they’re on the search for the best speakers is how much impact it will make on them or the team that the speaker will be in front of. If one is so keen on just the content and not a speaker’s track record of engaging people to do better or be better, then one will end up with a fact-driven speech which people might listen to but won’t remember much afterwards. Imagine ordering dinner only considering that it’s a full meal, but not how it tastes or how different of an experience it gives you. Does the meal encourage you to go back or mood better? It most likely won’t because nothing about it inspires you to do something. Now, that is what delineates a good motivational speaker from other experts.

At the core of all these standards though, experience, relatability and ability to inspire action, is heart.For any successful speaker, loving what he does is the secret ingredient. It makes learning his field and teaching others of it more invigorating. It allows him to be more engaging and relatable, funny even, because when he’s enjoying himself, it’s almost natural to invite people into that joy. Most, importantly, he is able to inspire you to act on your goals the same way he did because he empathized with you and showed you how much passion he has for his job.

That innate, passion and empathy for his audience that heart is a key to success – and that’s the reason why those around him will continue to listen.