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Google Plus Private Communities and Event Management

I have been longing for a space where several professionals could connect over a project online and use the space as their hub. In many cases, professionals end up working together on several different projects at the same time and keeping all the communication straight can get tricky. Even for the most organized person.

There are many group options available, however I am hopeful that Google+ Private Communities is the answer. The key components that I have been looking for are: to be able to have the space on a platform that people already know and trust, and to have a personal social connection with people in the group if they so choose. Now professionals can be connected in a space that is flexible between work and personal.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 2.41.53 PM


When making a private community take a minute to consider how you are going to use the community.

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I have started to use the private communities for event specific communication among vendors. This has come in very handy for the vendors that I work with on a regular basis on concurrent events. Communication has become streamlined and less confusing. The use of hangouts has already proven to be a valuable time saving communication tool. It has enabled our event team to communicate clearly and avoids any miscommunication that could potentially happen with e-mail.

We have also created a private community for Talking Moose Media. Our team members are not in the office regularly. This enables us to have a space to discuss the everyday happenings of our company and create a virtual water-cooler.




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